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Our Story

Coaches Joley and Carlos


     Hello there! We are Carlos and Joley. Seven years ago, Carlos begrudgingly walked into a CrossFit box expecting to hate it with Joley tagging along. On the drive home he admitted, “Okay, that was awesome!”  Soon, our teenage boys, Holden and Trae joined us (which by the way, is a phenomenal way to stay connected to your teenagers).  Quite unexpectedly, CrossFit made a profound impact on our lives.  After decades of trying to run away the not so slender thighs, Joley began appreciating her strong and powerful legs and marveled at what they were capable of.  Carlos discovered that after a life long battle with depression, CrossFit miraculously contributed to the fight. Not only have we gained a healthier perspective on fitness, nutrition, and health-we have gained quite a community family that we greatly cherish. 

     Over the years, we’ve witnessed the innumerable transformations CrossFit has produced in the bodies, mind and spirit of those whom we care deeply about. After 5 years of CrossFitting, Carlos got his Level 1 Certificate and enthusiastically began coaching.  Joley soon followed getting her Level 1, as well. So now, after nearly 20 years in law enforcement for Carlos and 30 years teaching for Joley, we have decided to pursue this passion of ours.  We believe that with all life’s obstacles, fitness is an essential and we would be honored to travel with you on your strengthening journey with whatever capacity you need strengthening in (because you are Indestructible).   We look forward to being part of your story.